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Take a container ship ploughing its course across the Atlantic. One cylinder out of seven down due to a cylinder lining casting. This failure means a day on a crossing; far from small change on charter rates. A replacement casting from the OEM would have taken many weeks. Woodfield Systems made it to classification standards in a fraction of that time.

"Woodfield's speedy, flexible and agile thinking had our container ship back on its course within 14 days with a saving of literally thousands of £s. Not only did it cost less, but also the savings in lost revenue were significant."
A & P

Large Capacity Machining carried out by Intake Engineering, Kent
Engineering Solutions
Where do you go to if you have an idea which you want to incorporate with your main manufacturing machinery? WOODFIELD SYSTEMS! Award winning Island Leisure, who make rubber safety mats, have done this time and time again. Woodfield Systems listened very carefully and have now delivered creative engineering solutions that have improved the efficiency of the production of the rubber safety mats on many occasions.

"The ability of Woodfield Systems to work with our ideas and come up with engineering solutions that improve the efficiency of our manufacturing machinery has helped us to win awards in our field of manufacturing."
Island Leisure

Nothing lasts forever! Who can remanufacture from scratch a production machine that is still in use, when the original manufacturer has long ceased trading? That?s exactly what we did for wallboard manufacturer Cape Boards.
We teamed up to produce a new 925 mm Ø 2 m long and 2 tonne in weight Making Roller to replace an ageing original. Proof of the value in the relationship was the remanufacture of their Spooner oven fans, hefty 30 kW units that circulate dust-laden hot air at 300 rpm.

"My concerns about the difficulty of manufacturing a replacement roller with so little to go on were taken away by Intake's open engineering approach. Problems were for solving."
Cape Boards

Machined Fabrications
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