Comet Marine Pumps
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Comet Marine Pumps

"The pumps to move materials that no-one else wants to handle"

  • Any pump with a valve will not handle the sort of mess this pump thrives on.
  • Any pump to handle volume, for instance a centrifugal pump, will emulsify oily water mixes.
  • Any pump with a rubber sleeve will not handle gritty substances.

But the highly versatile and sturdy Comet Marine Pump handles it all - contaminated liquids, lumps and bumps, crushable solids - in fact anything that has an adequate degree of moisture content, and all without emulsifying oily water mixtures. The simple vane-type design of the pump ensures quiet reliability, easy servicing and a long operating life - we regularly supply spares for pumps that have been running for over 30 years.

Tell us what material you want to transfer and we will be pleased to advise you which of the range of Comet Marine Pumps best suits your specific needs.

Technical Information

Because the vane provides a positive displacement at all positions during its rotation, Comet Marine Pumps are self-priming, fully reversible and able to run for long periods. Manufactured from a combination of close-grained cast iron and alloy steel, they are available in both vertical and horizontal forms, with a shaft extension for direct coupling to any type of geared prime mover.

Horizontal Comet Marine Sludge Pump
The comparatively low shaft speed of 20 - 300 rpm ensures that oily water mixes do not emulsify, avoiding the problem of clogged filters. The pumps will handle a wide range of materials such as oily waste & sludge, fuel and cylinder oils, stern tube lubricants, resins, pulps, paints, adhesives, crushable solids and fibres in suspension. A maximum lift of 7 metres can be achieved at a capacity of up to 25 cubic metres per hour, whilst, under favourable conditions, the pumps can handle viscosities up to 1500 degrees Engler.

For the performance specifications of the complete range of Comet Marine Pumps over a wide spectrum of materials, please click here.

For the maintenance instructions for the complete range of Comet Marine Pumps, please click here.

Purchasing new pumps and spare parts for existing pumps

Woodfield Systems is committed to producing both new pumps and spare parts for the complete range of Comet Marine positive displacement vane pumps, from 1" to 3" nominal bore, for as long as their customers request them. To this end, we posses the manufacturing files for the vast majority of the pumps manufactured over the last 40 years.

For help selecting a new pump and to see the performance specifications of our complete range of pumps over a wide spectrum of materials click here, or feel free to contact us with your particular requirements (Contact Us).

For spare parts for an existing pump, click here

Vertical Comet Marine Sludge Pump
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