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Capacity and Plant

Woodfield Systems Wingham started life in Wingham near Canterbury in 1889, when a group of local farmers founded a farm machinery repair business that they called Wingham Engineering. The company moved to its present site in 1914, spending £1750 to erect a new 10,000 sq. ft. workshop and engine shed to service the growing railway traffic generated by the Kent coalfields. Heavy precision engineering has been carried out on the site continuously from the start of the First World War to the present day, and the original tracks remain in the workshop floor. However evidence of any of Wingham's three railway stations is now hard to find, and the business has had to re-invent itself as a precision machine shop, specialising in particularly large and/or complex items, serving a wide variety of industries throughout the World.

In addition to straight forward fabrication and machining Intake has developed, with a number of key clients, a design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service for a variety of specialist items of plant and equipment, such as powder mixers, food processing mixers, presses and paper forming rolls. The company's success in such "value adding" engineering has only been possible because of the staff - averaging 25 years in the industry, they are highly skilled and take an inordinate pride in the quality of "their" products.


The building benefits from the size needed for its original purpose, with the main shop 34 metres long, 15 metres wide, 8 metres to the crane rail and 12 metres to the apex. It is serviced by two modern Abus 5 tonne overhead cranes, capable of working in tandem. One, 20 metres by 7 metres, side machining shop is equipped with a similar, but 2 tonne crane. The other side shop is 33 by 12metres. All have Fork Lift Truck access. Items larger than 10 tonne can be catered for using mobile cranes.

We work with external suppliers for welding, fabrication, surface finishing and heat treatment. Transport & packing is arranged as appropriate to product.

Supporting operations include finishing, assembly, inspection, packing & documentation.


Capacities in brief:


Horizontal Boring To a 1.5M sq face
Vertical Boring 1.2M dia & 1.2M high
Turning To 500mm diameter & 4M length
Vertical CNC x: 1000, y: 500, z: 480mm
CNC Turning To 380mm dia x 3M
Turning Centres chucking to 200mm dia, bar feed to 50mm dia


Woodfield Systems welcomes engineering problems and provides solutions which are cost-effective and service-led.

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